So what is this Search Engine Optimization Jazz anyways?

You should know that optimizing your site for search engines is a never-ending process. Technologies continue to evolve and grow and there are always new currents and trends to use and adapt.

What we have found to be true in general is that when we place a high value on the attention we receive from users and strive to give them the absolute best experience possible it usually translates into a good ranking.

A bit of back story on who we are and how we know.

We have been online with our own membership sites and properties since 2005 and have learned many of these lessons by trial and error. While watching the industry evolve we have learned a great deal about how to rank our sites and client sites as well.

The number 1 answer is to build a better experience for your users, publish your content regularly and Google will notice and understand that you are an authority in your niche.

Write well, publish often and keep making noise on a regular basis.

All the content in the world though isn’t going to save you from obscurity, you need links to your content and plenty of them.

That’s where we come in – below are some Frequently asked questions about links and backlinks for eCommerce.

  1. What is a backlink?

    A backlink is a link on some website which you do not own that has a link pointing back to your website or online store.

    Basically the links that point from other sites on the web back to your site are back links and to be successful at the SEO game you will need to build some. We do that for our clients.

    If you want to learn lots and lots and lots about backlinks these two sites have great information.

    If you would prefer to quickly build some effective backlinks for your ecommerce shop quickly and automatically Start here for free

  2. Why do I need backlinks?

    Backlinks are a signal to search engines that your site is popular enough to get links from other sites online. With many links from stable, well established sites you can be sure that search engines will move you higher in the rankings.

    The backlinks also act as a signal to tell Google, Bing and other engines what your site is all about. By analyzing the text used to make the link search engines can get a pretty good idea of how other sites are describing your page.

    What it comes down to is this: every site owner needs backlinks so that Google can find your site and so that they rank your site higher in their search results pages.

    Without backlinks you will not rank highly in search engines and you will not receive free traffic from Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and other search engines.

    Want a few free backlinks to get you started? We've built countless links for merchants both large and small and we would be delighted to start a campaign for you absolutely free. Get your Free Backlinks Here.

  3. How do I get backlinks?

    Wow, there are so many excellent ways for you to build backlinks. There are lists all over the web, some notable ones include giving bloggers and youtube reviewers free samples in exchange for reviews and links, you can also participate in communities and forums, sponsor a charity in exchange for a link, participate in community projects, get mentioned in the press and hire a company like ours to build some for you.

    Commercial Backlinks has built countless links for merchants both large and small and we would be delighted to start a campaign for you absolutely free. Get your Free Backlinks Here.

  4. Will I receive traffic from backlinks?

    Yes! Our sites aren't off limits to humans or robots: your store will receive traffic from humans and search engine robots.

    We can't guarantee how much traffic you will receive and we are not in the business of sending “hits” or “pageviews” – backlinks are here first and foremost for SEO purposes.

  5. Is this only for Google?

    No! All search engines make use of backlinks as a ranking signal including popular ones and some you may not have heard of.

    CC Search

  6. How many backlinks should my site have?

    Your site should have at least a dozen backlinks from a variety of different domain names. More links should be built every month through earned media, press releases, sponsored posts, contests, donations to charitable causes, and any number of other ways to build links.

    Our service can help you to build links to your stores homepage and also to the individual products in your store.

  7. Where will the links be placed? Can I see examples?

    Yes we can give you an idea of the type of site that will be used to display your links: We use a generic shopping discoveries site called “Stuff Lovely” for new clients to build links for both their main shopping site and also a product from their inventory.

    Every link we place for you will be available in your client dashboard to see. If you have any concerns about the content of a post or any other post on one of our sites we are glad to hear your feedback however we cannot share a full list of the sites we might use to publish your links.

    There are some types of site/store that we do not accept. Your backlinks will come from established sites filled with relevant products, shopping sites and recent news relevant to a similar audience.

  8. Should I build links from many diversified domains?

    Yes – Domain Diversity is crucial for your site to rank well as Google is looking for confirmation that your site is useful and relevant according to many different sources.

  9. How does Commercial Backlinks work?

    We work with a variety of site owners who are looking to have quality content published to their sites. We also own our own collection of blogs and shopping portals which give us the ability to publish articles and links at any time.

    By publishing content in this way we are able to support the needs of small and medium size businesses that desire to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

  10. Are backlinks permanent? Do these backlinks expire? What if I cancel my account?

    All backlinks placed using our service are permanent and will not be taken down for at least a period of one year even if you choose to discontinue your subscription to Commercial Backlinks

  11. How can I get backlinks to my store?

    There are many ways to obtain backlinks for your business. Donating products and asking for a link from a charitable organization is one way, running a contest in exchange for tweets or likes is another. You can spend time investigating forums and places where the internet comes to discuss your products and offer deals discounts and even coupons to them.

    We can make two backlinks to your store in a matter of minutes using our advanced system. All it takes is your store url, email address and a few clicks to see where we have posted about your store and products.

    Yes – Make 2 free backlinks for me.

  12. How quickly will this help my rankings?

    That depends on several factors. How competitive is your product? How many links are being made? How quickly?

    Generally you can expect to see results in as little as 1 to 3 weeks. When you build links consistently over time you signal to Google that your site is gaining more and more attention consistently.

    Consistent link building is crucial to ensure you build up your rankings in all of the search engines.

    We recommend link building be done weekly if not daily to ensure your site remains relevant.

  13. How much does your link building service cost?

    We are not a traditional slow link building service that can take weeks to get a single article published. Our service is unique and tailor made for small and medium sized merchants.

    Our pricing page has the most up to date monthly plans, try a no obligation free trial and let us publish 2 free links for your Shopify powered store in no time at all.

  14. I sell on Amazon/eBay/Etsy/WooCommerce/Whatever, does this only work with Shopify?

    You are in luck! We have a waiting list you should join to test out our service as we expand into other platforms and systems. Today as things stand right now things only work with Shopify.
    Join the waiting list here.

Want a few free backlinks to get you started? We’ve built countless links for merchants both large and small and we would be delighted to start a campaign for you absolutely free. Get your Free Backlinks Here.

Is quantity over quality important?

Our flagship link placement service is currently only available for Shopify merchants however we will be opening the service up for other systems in the coming months. Please enter your name and email and URL of your store so that we can get in touch as soon as we are ready to provide your platform with excellent service.

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