How does this work exactly?

The objective of the Commercial Backlinks service is to increase the number of relevant and contextual backlinks that point to your online store. To achieve this goal for our clients we have constructed a large network of sites that are relevant in many niche markets. We have focused most heavily on consumer goods in many different verticals.

What does that mean in English?

We own and operate a large network of sites that we can publish content to anytime we wish. This gives us absolute control over what we publish and where. Unlike other forms of linkbuilding in which bloggers are contacted to get their approval for a sponsored post we can immediately publish content to a network of sites and create links for your store in minutes.

Who writes the content?

Robots. One Robot in particular, we have template pieces of content that highlight items from your store, we use your product descriptions and incorporate Artificial Intelligence to alter and enhance the content so that it seems as human as possible. This is done to keep costs low and build content quickly.

This is also done to ensure that the same descriptions aren’t copied and pasted from your site into ours – the robot will rewrite descriptions automatically to help Google see this as unique content and not simply a clone of your site. This is important when it comes to ensuring that the links help you.

Will this work with my store?

Almost certainly! Give it a try and see the type of content we produce for our clients. The quality is improving as time goes by and we have a growing network of sites that we publish to.

Ok, but what do I do?

Let us do the work. After you join and create your account we will import your product catalogue and begin publishing blog posts to our network of sites. Every post that we publish will be shown to you in your account screen, plus the system works great on mobile devices too.

I still don’t get it.

Here is a short video that helps explain things with pretty pictures and a lovely narrator.

Ultimately the best thing is to TRY the service and see how it works first hand. We do not need you to install any codes on your site. We do not need to access your sites back end. We do not need FTP or SFTP access to your site. We do not need your technical team to work with ours.

This has been designed to be used by a one man band to boost links and rankings for products. Selling more of what sells. That’s what this is for. Sign up here.

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