How we treat and filter items in Shopify stores

To help ensure our clients receive the best links and content we apply special treatments to items in order to ensure we are publishing excellent content. Prior to generating content we run pages in a Shopify catalogue past a collection of filters and rules to help ensure the best quality posts.

Eliminate $0 priced items
The first thing we do is examine the price of products: Any product with a $0 price is removed and will not be included in published content on our network of sites. This is done to ensure that we have real products and not contest pages, survey pages and other pages that are not really products. Since our backlinks are built to improve the rankings of products and relevance is important we will not place links to random pages, surveys etc.

Eliminate Inactive products
There are products in some stores which are inactive. Inactive products are not available for sale in the web and mobile stores. If a product is inactive and later becomes active our system will create links if/when it becomes appropriate to do so.

Remove [Shortcuts] from product descriptions
There are a number of plugins that give store owners flexibility to change the layout of product pages by introducing [Columns] or [Sharing Widgets]. In order to ensure we are producing content that Google loves we remove the shortcuts and content that do not appear as relevant content.

This page will be updated as we change the system to improve content generation for our Shopify merchants.

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