Linkbuilding is a Marathon not a sprint

It is important to view linkbuilding activities as long term effects and not short term one-off efforts.

Building links to your business should be done regularly and with a consistent effort. Google has shown many times that consistently publishing valuable content, useful information and giving users the answers to the questions they are asking are the most valuable activities.

You cannot do these things once and expect them to always be so. It is important that we demonstrate with consistency that we are providing excellent answers to the questions of searchers, or delivering a superior experience when users land on our shopping sites.

Links too will work best when we build them over time in a consistent way. There is certainly value in seeing a big boost of links at the beginning or when a new product collection is announced.

Maybe you make the front page of a social site like Reddit or get some viral traction and suddenly your site is getting massive traffic, links and hopefully sales.

Nicely done – don’t think for a minute you are finished. Maintaining your rankings requires some work and you will benefit from the links that support your position in Google.

There are many resources out there that can help you with planning new content such as content planning calendars, holiday calendars and the like.

Blogger outreach and Press Releases can work as well to build links. These activities to require a good deal of time and energy.

Our leading service is for building backlinks to Shopify powered stores. It works well, the content is good and the results are great.

Google loves seeing regular content featuring your name and website address appearing all over the internet. It works to drive your rankings higher no matter what you are selling.

We build links day after day, month after month and this will increase your presences in Google and drive your rankings higher and higher – guaranteed. If for any reason you don’t like the results, we do refunds. How many SEO companies will offer that?

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