Why do some SEO companies hide link locations?

We don’t know *exactly* why other SEO firms might hide or fail to report where they place content on your behalf – we can only guess.

Maybe they aren’t proud of the places they have placed the links. Perhaps the content isn’t the best or maybe they haven’t made their strongest effort.

We would like to think that all agencies are honest, open and ready to give their absolute best effort when it comes to building content and links for clients.

It is also possible that you will receive a report from your efforts

How do we report links?

We provide full urls showing exactly where we published content that includes dofollow and nofollow links promoting your site.

This should inspire confidence, transparency and is vital to ensuring that we are producing high quality links for our clients and that the results are helping to create links that Google considers to be strong, relevant indications that your site is useful.

How long does it take before these links are reported?

Fully transparent links are reported immediately through Commercial Backlinks – we love building links using our unique combination of AI and content network. The client interface shows all of the links built, destination sites and exact article locations. If you have multiple sites you can show all or individual sites one by one.

Refunds are possible.

If you are unhappy with the results or have any concerns at all we can remove the offending post very quickly. Reports of where your links are being published are real-time, there is no need to download spreadsheets and you can even pull reports from your mobile phone.

Agencies that partner with bloggers could have any kind of refund policy at all – or none whatsoever. You might end up paying and discover that you are out of luck later on – left totally stuck by a company that delivered links that dissappeared.

Our Links Last – we guarantee it and can promise that your content will remain on our network of sites even after our agreement ends and we are done building links for you. We are not subject to the whims of some blogger somewhere.

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